Video Surveillance Helps Police

Potential thieves were caught on camera trying doors to homes and cars on the street and the footage was used by police to aid in identifying one of the persons as a minor whom the police already knew.

They say he has faced charges under the Youth Criminal Justice Act in the past.

You can watch the full video as aired on CHCH here:

Attempted Break-Ins in Ancaster - CHCH
Watch the full story as aired on CHCH here.

This is why “just having security cameras as a visual deterrent” is not enough – you need to have them setup and working properly as the rate of attempted (and successful) burglaries are increasing every day and being able to review something that happened and was caught on camera is becoming more and more helpful in solving these crimes.

The quality of the cameras are also important, and proper placement for lighting and angles while adhering to privacy bi-laws to ensure you are not infringing on your neighbours privacy is equally important.

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