When we think about our home, our city of Hamilton, we do not immediately think of it as a high crime location or an unsafe area. However, there are numerous attempted break-ins and even in home invasions occurring even here in our backyard. Surveillance cameras help provide answers and perfect recall of situations that happen in their purview…

Over the weekend, there was an attempted break-in in the Crown Pointe Community, from which my family lives and this raises some concern for me. In this instance, the would be burglar did not get in, but a neighbour’s security camera captured the attempt and the video was being shared across the community to increase awareness.

As people mention in the posts / comments beneath the community news alert, surveillance systems and cameras are a key part of a security system and can as shown here, even be of use to your neighbours as well.

Please be advised that we do not have control over the comments of the linked post and we do not have the ability to remove them or edit them in anyway – people tend to get emotional when it comes to the safety of their neighbourhood. However, it’s great to see a community standing together to help try to reduce these occurrences and increase awareness of security with each other.

Here’s the community posted video and just one example of how surveillance cameras can be of use.

The full video and post can be found here.

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