Hamilton Police Using VARP

Hamilton Police Have Implemented the Verified Alarm Response Program (VARP) According to the Hamilton Police Services, the Hamilton Police are implementing the VARP Program as of September 1, 2019 - putting the responsibility of confirming an alarm condition prior to Police response to an alarm condition on the owner of the premise and/or their monitoring [...]

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TJC Systems Has a New Address

We've settled into our new address located at 95 Hempstead Drive, Hamilton, ON L8W 2Y6. Same great service, same great staff, same contact number - new office location.

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Ancaster – Attempted Break-In

Video Surveillance Helps Police Potential thieves were caught on camera trying doors to homes and cars on the street and the footage was used by police to aid in identifying one of the persons as a minor whom the police already knew. They say he has faced charges under the Youth Criminal Justice Act in [...]

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Merry Christmas

TJC Systems wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas from all of our team. May this Christmas season be safe and enjoyed with family and friends and all of the joys of the seasons be yours. Christmas Schedule Today we are in the office from 8am - 12pm. Christmas Day We are closed [...]

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Door to Door Scams

Beware of Door to Door Scams People always laugh and think - "that will never happen to me". And we certainly hope that it will not. However, a few things to keep in mind always; but especially this time of year. It may sound like a bad start to a home alone movie, but there [...]

Security Systems Communication with Alarm Monitoring Station

Do I need a home phone? Typically, security systems have relied on a landline or home phone to provide a way to communicate to the security company around-the-clock. Today, the comfort of security monitoring can be achieved without requiring the extra expense of a home phone line "just for the security system". More and more, [...] Fire-Triggered Unlocking Rule is now Fire Smarter has put into place a new rule to help customers safely exit their homes in an emergency and give first responders immediate access to the property. The way it works is elegant and simple; The feature automatically unlocks a door when smoke or C02 is detected or when a [...]

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Hamilton Community Camera Connection

  TJC Systems is in the process of trying to get a Community Initiative and Partnership Program with the Hamilton Police Services and Home and Business owners who have surveillance systems. Overview TJC Systems is reaching out to the Hamilton Police Services with a suggestion with hopes of further reducing crime in our areas as [...]

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Toronto Police Implementing VARP

Toronto Police Are Adopting the False Alarm Response Program (VARP)   According to the Toronto Star, as printed on Mon., Sept. 10, 2018 the Toronto Police are adopting the to VARP Program putting the responsibility of confirming an alarm condition prior to Police response to an alarm condition on the owner of the premise and/or their [...]

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Don’t Wake Up To Strangers

Security can only protect you when it's used properly The Hamilton Spectator reported today on a woman who woke up to a stranger in her room. According to police the man entered the home through an unlocked front door.  The incident happened in the area of Bond Street in Hamilton, between Main and King Street.  [...]

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