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Security Systems Communication with Alarm Monitoring Station

Do I need a home phone? Typically, security systems have relied on a landline or home phone to provide a way to communicate to the security company around-the-clock. Today, the comfort of security monitoring can be achieved without requiring the extra expense of a home phone line "just for the security system". More and more, [...] Fire-Triggered Unlocking Rule is now Fire Smarter has put into place a new rule to help customers safely exit their homes in an emergency and give first responders immediate access to the property. The way it works is elegant and simple; The feature automatically unlocks a door when smoke or C02 is detected or when a [...]

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Choosing the best security solution

When it's time to pick the home security solution for your home or office can be very difficult, time consuming and even confusing. More and more solutions are popping up out there that offer quick and inexpensive DIY (Do It Yourself) or MIY (Monitor It Yourself) boxed security systems - but there are many things [...]

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Ring Video Doorbell – Who Can It Be Now

Know Who It Is With Ring Video Doorbell Men at work said it best when they asked "Who can it be knocking at my door" and the Ring Video Doorbell let's you know that and much more. Stylish and Functional - A Virtual Welcome Mat For Your Home - Even When You Are Not At [...]

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Whole House Home Audio

Whole House Home Audio is the ability to play nice music at a constant level that can be heard evenly throughout the house. The days of blaring the sound system in one room so that you can hear it in another is long gone. Technology has overcome this requirement. If you are lucky enough to [...]

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