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Ancaster – Attempted Break-In

Video Surveillance Helps Police Potential thieves were caught on camera trying doors to homes and cars on the street and the footage was used by police to aid in identifying one of the persons as a minor whom the police already knew. They say he has faced charges under the Youth Criminal Justice Act in [...]

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Door to Door Scams

Beware of Door to Door Scams People always laugh and think - "that will never happen to me". And we certainly hope that it will not. However, a few things to keep in mind always; but especially this time of year. It may sound like a bad start to a home alone movie, but there [...]

Hamilton Community Camera Connection

  TJC Systems is in the process of trying to get a Community Initiative and Partnership Program with the Hamilton Police Services and Home and Business owners who have surveillance systems. Overview TJC Systems is reaching out to the Hamilton Police Services with a suggestion with hopes of further reducing crime in our areas as [...]

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Choosing the best security solution

When it's time to pick the home security solution for your home or office can be very difficult, time consuming and even confusing. More and more solutions are popping up out there that offer quick and inexpensive DIY (Do It Yourself) or MIY (Monitor It Yourself) boxed security systems - but there are many things [...]

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Verified False Alarm Response Program (VARP)

Police Changing How They Respond To Security Alarms As of July 1st, alarm companies and monitoring agencies were required to comply with the new alarm verification process before requesting a police response from the Niagara Police. An Alarm Company or Monitoring Service must verify an intrusion alarm using at least one of the following criteria prior [...]

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How to avoid the bitterness of poor quality long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

The Power of Low Price Let's be honest, we all see these low price draws for attention and we think - yes, I always wanted that but didn't want to have to pay so much for it.  A low price is always going to get our attention, and we might even feel great for awhile [...]

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Ring Video Doorbell – Who Can It Be Now

Know Who It Is With Ring Video Doorbell Men at work said it best when they asked "Who can it be knocking at my door" and the Ring Video Doorbell let's you know that and much more. Stylish and Functional - A Virtual Welcome Mat For Your Home - Even When You Are Not At [...]

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Surveillance Cameras Help Community

When we think about our home, our city of Hamilton, we do not immediately think of it as a high crime location or an unsafe area. However, there are numerous attempted break-ins and even in home invasions occurring even here in our backyard. Surveillance cameras help provide answers and perfect recall of situations that happen in their purview...

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