When it’s time to pick the home security solution for your home or office can be very difficult, time consuming and even confusing.

More and more solutions are popping up out there that offer quick and inexpensive DIY (Do It Yourself) or MIY (Monitor It Yourself) boxed security systems – but there are many things you should consider before you buy.  Which is the best brand within your budget?  Does the system need to be installed and if so should you use a professional installer?  Are there differences between the different security applications (apps) out there and which one works best with your device(s)?  What about the security company itself – which one is the best?  There’s more than just a few things to know and consider and way more to discover.

To make things a bit easier and to ensure you get the best solution offering you the most protection, ease of use and of course value for your dollar TJC Systems offers the following essential guide of questions you need to ask to ensure you make the smartest choice before you buy.

Monitoring Services

Hands down there is nothing better than a professionally monitored security system.  In case of a break-in or fire, an emergency signal is sent to the monitoring station where a trained security professional is immediately able to alert your local law enforcement / security guard response or the fire department – 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

There is no effective substitute for a professionally monitored security system.  MIY (Monitor It YourSelf) solutions may seem like a way to save yourself some money – but you don’t necessarily see every smartphone alert that a security system sends and in a situation where you are home during an emergency your priority is to get everyone to safety; valuable time is lost – spent on things that mattered more – the lives and well being of your loved ones.

Included Options

Not every product for security is created equally.  You need to be sure your safety is entrusted into a solution that provides options against being disabled by common tools of the trade.  Ensure your system has:

Crash and Smash Protection

A common tactic used by thieves is to smash a security panel to prevent it from sending an emergency signal to the monitoring station. Technology exists that can recognize a crash and smash attack and notify the monitoring station in spite of the attempt.

Cellular Connection

Typically devices sold for DIY / MIY piggyback on your home’s broadband or phone line which can be physically cut by an intruder. A dedicated cellular connection with battery backup is recommended and also helps keep you protected for power outages.

Scalability – Number of Devices

Some security system packages come with as little as two contact sensors – small devices that detect the opening and closing of doors, windows and more.  This is a problem because thieves do not just use the front and back door when breaking into a property.  Unfortunately, most “boxed solutions” also do not contain any way for you to increase or grow your security solution as you need it to accommodate for things like growth or future planning.

TJC Systems are experts who sell and support the latest technologies – we work with you and customize your solution to your needs; determining how many contact sensors your home/office needs and provide them as part of your solution.  The average home/office has 10 contact sensors.

Integration – What else can it do

Our technology is ever changing; that means that the best security solutions can do far more for you than just protect your property from a burglar.

TJC Systems primarily use proactive measures that go beyond the simple detect and respond to normal dangers like fires, carbon monoxide and break ins.  These solutions can save you time and money by tackling issues like energy waste and can even alert you when there is unexpected activity at your property.  You even have the ability to respond to more dangers and challenges, even when the alarm is disarmed which will give you more value over the course of owning your property.

Support – What if it stops working

The number one thing about a security solution is that if MUST work when you need it.  With a DIY purchased boxed system what happens when a device or component of the system stops working or needs replacement?

TJC Security is always at hand for our customers.  With advanced training and online tools we can quickly troubleshoot your system; fixing many issues remotely and servicing the rest by a technician visit to your location.  Our upgraded monitoring options include digital updates to make sure your smart devices are even smarter – keeping your technology cutting-edge.

How “Smart” is it

Smart home technology is a trend in home improvement that is here to stay.  We are always making our lives better through the use of technology and our devices are getting smarter with every upgrade.  The right security solution must include fo the integration to be set up with everything you need for a smart home.

We offer a wide range of essential smart devices that include smart locks, smart thermostats, connected video cameras, smart lights, video doorbell and the list is ever growing.

Controlling your systems are easy; smartphone apps control everything and can even interact with Amazon Echo and Google Home – technology is improving the options for interacting using your voice to have your systems perform the tasks for you.  And when it comes to home automation, our security technology makes a smart home even smarter.

So there you have it – the best security solution with smart home options can give you all the protection and benefits you should have for your and it’s right at the tip of your fingers.

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