Security can only protect you when it’s used properly

The Hamilton Spectator reported today on a woman who woke up to a stranger in her room.

According to police the man entered the home through an unlocked front door.  The incident happened in the area of Bond Street in Hamilton, between Main and King Street.  You can read more about the break in from the Hamilton Spectator post on the early morning break in.

Locks are more useful when used

Obviously this situation might have been avoided had the existing security (ie: Locks) were used; but locks don’t always keep trouble out.

Sometimes, people are motivated enough to force their way through even a locked door.

Alarm systems are more effective

While a lock may keep unwanted visitors into your home or office, an alarm system can provide an extra layer of safety and comfort.  In the above example, an alarm system would have been able to provide more audible warning that someone had entered the home.

Alarm systems can be set to “Stay” mode, which basically allows you to have the security of knowing that you are safe inside and that attempts to enter your home will cause an alarm condition unless the alarm is disabled prior to opening a secured door or window.

Monitored alarm systems are even better

An alarm system with an audible siren is great, and can deter the intruder and alert you to their presence – however, a monitored security system has someone who is always on hand to ensure that emergency services can be notified right away and will call you to ensure you are safe.

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Hamilton Police Updated the public on this issue as well after we had posted our article: