Welcome. Since you are here looking at this page, it is a safe assumption that you have questions about security or are looking for a security expert to assist you or your organization. The good news is, you have come to the right place. TJC Systems have been consulting and providing security solutions unique to fit the needs of our customers for over 12 years.

We provide you with professional and independent consultations free of charge to our clients to ensure your needs are surpassed and your property and those who live, visit or work there. We work with our clients and build trust through providing quality service that promotes professionalism, safety and reduces the fear of crime.

Regardless if you are interested in a brand new security alarm system, updating an existing alarm system, switching your alarm monitoring, implementing or updating your smart home automation, we can help. Simply complete the form for either Residential or Commercial consultation and discover how TJC Systems can provide you with the solution that meets your needs.