TJC Systems is in the process of trying to get a Community Initiative and Partnership Program with the Hamilton Police Services and Home and Business owners who have surveillance systems.


TJC Systems is reaching out to the Hamilton Police Services with a suggestion with hopes of further reducing crime in our areas as well as assisting the Police with solving crimes.  Similar programs have been implemented in other areas and cities and we would like to get the opinion of our peers to see if there is a strong enough community presence of members who would be interested in taking part in such a partnership should we be able to get one in place.

The program would be aimed to partner local home and business owners with the Police to voluntarily inform the Police that your location has security cameras.  This would allow the Police to know that cameras are located in these areas and that the owners may be willing to provide access for the Police to review video footage to help solve crimes that have occurred.

In addition, yard signs and stickers can be displayed to further deter criminal activities in our areas.  The registration / participation of the program would be able to be opted out of at any time.

We want your opinion

We have put together this small survey to get your feedback as members of our community to see if such a program would be viable in our area.

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We thank everyone for taking the time to answer the short survey (it’s only 4 questions).

If you would like us to keep you informed of any updates on this initiative, please contact us directly via email and we will attempt to keep you up to date on the progress.

Community Camera Connection Request

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