The Power of Low Price

Let’s be honest, we all see these low price draws for attention and we think – yes, I always wanted that but didn’t want to have to pay so much for it.  A low price is always going to get our attention, and we might even feel great for awhile after we’ve made a purchase that “saved” us money.  However, just around the corner, bitterness lingers.

The True Cost of Low Price

What we tend to realize later, is that even though we seemed to save on the cost of the purchase, we end up paying much more for down the road and over the length of time we were planning on enjoying our purchase.  For example, let’s look at a real example we see often in our business – inevitable, some of our customers get a quote from us and immediately try to compare that to something they can get from a chain store or from an online entity and think, wow, these prices are good, but I can order this all myself and same a little money…

The True Value of Quality Service

This is where we find the bitterness of poor quality.  Specifically speaking for ourselves here, at TJC Systems, we start with you in mind; we bring our experience of many years and synergize that with your goals and desire for your unique situation and we custom design a complete solution that fits perfectly to you.  Simply knowing that our solution will surpass your expectations and provide you the best results is usually enough for most people, however, I’m sure it has happened where someone has thought that simply knowing what kind of a system to order was enough and tried to move on to their own “money saving” solution of their own accord.

The problems that stem from this small savings invariably end up in spending far more money to “fix” the shortcuts taken to try to save a buck.  There are a number of factors that can come into play here, but the most common include things like: What do you do when there’s an issue with the product you just imported from outside of Canada?  What about getting maintenance or service?  Did you use a certified electrician to ensure that all electrical work is not only up to code, but also safe?  There is nothing worse than saving a dollar but putting your family/customers at risk.  Did your product come with a warranty?  How hard is it to get the warranty honoured and how long will you be waiting to get these issues resolved and what costs will be incurred during that time you are not getting the piece of mind protection you are now realizing you are not getting?

The good news is, we may still be able to help you – but everyone knows that fixing a mistake that someone else made always costs more than having it done right the first time.

How to Avoid The Bitterness

The easiest way to avoid the taste of bitterness is to be prepared in the first place.  So let us try to help!

Things to Know BEFORE you buy a Security System

For the majority of this section, we are focusing on a Surveillance Solution, but most if not all can easily be attributed to any purchase, including an alarm system of just about any purchase for your home and/or business.

Will you need to replace your current Security Camera System to use the new security system?

Security camera systems are changing every day with the vast improvements in technology.  Offering exciting new features and cloud based systems that make use of mobile access and alerts are great, but many require newer technology on the devices that are making use of said system.  Also, not every security system and surveillance camera are made the same.  It is important to maximize the flexibility of the security system and surveillance solution to not just what you currently have or need but to be mindful and aware of potential future upgrades you may want.  Can the new system integrate with an existing solution you had in place?  What about the camera quality and reliability – how will it affect the entire system?  Does the provider you are looking at support the particular camera brand and type?  What about Analog vs IP Cameras?  Can you mix and match both analog and digital types?

What is involved with getting the new system fully installed?  What kind of ongoing support is needed?

Simply getting a good price on equipment is not enough.  You need to know what will be required AFTER your purchase has been completed.  Does the installation require network expertise?  Router Configuration?  Software Installation?  Have you considered the impact of having a camera system will be on your existing network?  What about ongoing IT Management for items such as IP Addresses, License Keys, Configuring DDNS and VPNS, Disk Space for Storage, Backups and configurations and preventing hardware failures, Operating System upgrades and firmware updates?

Are there steps required to configure your initial camera’s?  What about adding new ones?  Much of these items bring a combined overhead cost above your original purchase price – either in terms of hiring experts or taking your own time and effort away from living your life or running your business.

Security Vulnerabilities

With the growth in technology advancements, there are multiple vulnerabilities that need to be managed, configured and maintained.  Cybercrime introduces some vulnerability concerns especially with systems that are connected to the internet in any way.  Who is responsible for putting up firewalls and keeping systems patched and secure – This rarely comes with a packaged purchase.

Growth and Enhancements

Most traditional DVR / NVR systems have a typical fixed number of cameras they can support along with inflexible storage limits.  When you first purchased your system that fit within your budget without realizing and planning for growth you may have failed to realize the limitations of the system being sold to you – and the seller did not care to take the time to ensure the product was what you needed.

So What was the point of this post?

Simply put, saving a few dollars today may seem like a great idea, and that’s fine if you are buying a purse, a wallet, or even a new pair of shoes.  When it comes to the safety and security of your home or place of business, your family and/or your clients, you need to have professional service.

Let TJC Systems meet with you and go over your unique situation, determine your best options for what you need and ensure you are provided with a complete solution, not just a purchased product.

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