Do I need a home phone?

Typically, security systems have relied on a landline or home phone to provide a way to communicate to the security company around-the-clock. Today, the comfort of security monitoring can be achieved without requiring the extra expense of a home phone line “just for the security system”.

More and more, families and businesses have opted out of a home phone or landline for the more useful cell phone enticing security companies to evolve and bring wireless monitoring from the original concept of providing a backup in the event of a blackout or other landline outage to a standalone service of choice for our tech wise population.

Using similar technology to cell phones, wireless monitoring provides 24/7 protection to your and your family maintaining the connection utilizing a cellular transmitter sometimes referred to as a GSM or a similar method. As there is no reliance upon the landline, internet connection or even external power supply there is no fear of losing your security monitoring as a result of cut phone lines or other outages.

Security Systems and Wireless Communications

In addition to no longer having to worry about disconnections, there are further benefits to having your security system linked to your cell phone. You can receive text alerts and even access your system remotely from anywhere you have a data connection. It also opens the door to home automation features such as remote controlling of smart lighting, automating smart door locks and even controlling the temperature using smart thermostats that can learn your habits!

If you are tired of being tied into a home phone you do not need just so you can feel safe, TJC Systems recommends giving a phone call to our helpful staff who can arrange for a free no obligation quote and have a professional security technician review your unique property requirements and bring your home monitoring into the 21st century.