There are many cameras in the market, both analog and IP, that offer integrated IR. “Integrated IR” means that the camera comes equipped with IR Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that provide illumination when the camera is placed in very low light environments.

However, almost all of these cameras provide only static IR settings, meaning that the camera’s IR settings are set by the manufacturer at the time of production and do not change dynamically based on the camera’s environment; limiting the camera’s ability to provide the best image quality in every condition.

Adaptive IR technology combines multiple adaptive processes to always deliver the best evidence:
• Zoom Adaptive – Focuses the IR beam to the camera’s field of view, providing the most effective IR illumination at every zoom position
• Content Adaptive – Optimizes camera settings dynamically based on changes in the imaging area to improve the quality of the evidence captured through two methods:
– Oversaturation Detection: Removes oversaturation while reducing motion blur and providing more effect license plate illumination
– Ignoring Background Oversaturation: Ignores stationary oversaturated areas to provide the most detail of moving objects, even in the darker regions of the image.